Get To Know [Kat]

Kat Tyrell

Sales Representative

Kat brings over a decade of experience from the public sector where she led strategy and partnerships to support economic and business development. An entrepreneur at heart, she founded, built and sold a startup company, and manages a couple of investment properties of her own.

Kat is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and loves helping clients find the best real estate opportunities to fit their unique needs.

Kat’s background in strategy, negotiations and sales coupled with her love of working with people helped her make a seamless transition into the real estate industry.

In her spare time, Kat enjoys jogging, trying out local restaurants, painting and playing sports. Kat is also an avid traveller, having visited 29 countries (and counting) and can speak four languages. Kat lives with her husband, daughter, dog and cat in the Bluffs neighbourhood of Scarborough. She holds an Honours BA as well as a Master’s degree from Toronto’s York University.

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