Building A [New] [Kind] [Of] [Real] [Estate] [Brand]

Creating a team that’s innovative and industry-leading doesn’t happen by accident. This is our story.


The Wright Beginning

The Wright Sisters enter the real estate industry. Their natural flair for the business allows them to quickly rise through the ranks, from secretaries to assistants to licensed buyer agents and eventually to top-producing agents.


Joining Forces

Seeing the opportunity to raise the bar for real estate in their marketplace, Melanie and Lindsay Wright combine their resources to create Wright Sisters Group.


In-house Staging & Marketing Teams

Wright Sisters Group expands to include an in-house design and staging department, and an in-house marketing team.


First Office

The Wright Sisters purchase, renovate and move into their independent office at 2318 Queen Street East, once Spiaggia Trattoria, in the Beach.


Circle of Legends Award

Presented to Wright Sisters Group by Re/Max for earning over $10,000,000 in gross commissions.


Wright Sisters Group is Incorporated

Wright Sisters Group - East Toronto Real Estate Agents


Community Over Competition — Union Realty Brokerage Inc.

Wright Sisters Group teams up with DeClute Real Estate to form Union Realty Brokerage Inc. Previously competitors, these two family-owned and operated businesses came together to create a collaborative brokerage that gives clients some serious benefits.

While collaborating under the same brokerage, both teams maintain their individual brands, but with common leadership and shared resources that benefit clients like never before. It was an unprecedented move that shook up the real estate scene in Toronto.

East Toronto Real Estate Agents - Wright Sisters Office


New Office

The Wright Sisters Group move into the historical building at 2234 Queen Street East, where it currently operates.

Present Day:

Continuing To Exceed Expectations

Wright Sisters Group has provided superior real estate services to clients since their inception. The team is comprised of experienced, full-time real estate professionals, talented staging designers and a renowned administrative and marketing team. They continue to push the industry forward.

Meet The Team

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Words From Our Clients

"There’s only one way to go, and that’s the Wright way! Melanie and her team were the most helpful at every turn we took. The knowledge, and professional relationships she brought to the table was well worth it. The recommended trades people that we were guided towards were affordable, and worked well with our busy, short timeline, as did Melanie. Her design team pointed us in all the right directions to maximize our profits, and they always accommodated our schedule. I would highly, highly recommend Melanie Wright!"

Richard Saponara

"We have worked with Melanie (and team) for over 16 years and have never been disappointed. The professionalism and authentic caring make it easy to pick the Wright Sisters team over and over. They know the market and the strategies to maximize an excellent customer experience while ensuring you get the best value in every transaction. Always my first choice!!!"

Charlie Clayton

Disrupting The [Status] [Quo]

For Wright Sisters Group, doing things the way they’ve always been done was never enough. Confident in their real estate expertise and market knowledge, Melanie and Lindsay Wright sought to build a team in the truest sense—a company of high-achieving real estate professionals that function together to push the industry forward.

Creating An [Ecosystem] [of] [Excellence]

Melanie and Lindsay Wright recognize the advantage of mutually beneficial partnerships. When they realized they could do more in real estate and elevate the industry standard by working with their biggest competitors, the decision to partner with DeClute to create a brokerage that provides unprecedented client care was clear.

Though the teams under Union Realty operate independently, each one—and their clients—benefit from cooperation, and shared resources and expertise.

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Discover the expertise behind the team with 100+ years of combined Toronto real estate experience.